Tweetline: Integrates Twitter Into Siri

This post of mine has been long overdue because I could not really make a video to the tweak as one of the aspects in the tweak was crashing but now thanks to the dev(@rud0lf77) that has been fixed and now I can review it for you!

Tweetline is an awesome tweak or perhaps I should say an awesome AssistantExtensions plugin.
When the tweak was originally released it wasn’t up-to the mark but now it has started gaining momentum and will slowly completely integrate Twitter into Siri.

The tweak allows you to set the tweet count you want to see from 1 right up-to 50! Which is quite useful if you follow too many people, the tweak also lets you view your Twitter mentions by asking Siri.

The developer is constantly working on new things for the plugin as of now in the next update he has already integrated:
  • A new Twitter background
  • Changing the text color
  • Applying Custom Backgrounds
  • Also he is trying to get the profile pictures in place for this update but he says the chances are slim so he might bring this in some future update
As by now you might have noticed this is an awesome tweak for something that is completely FREE!
I will be adding a video review to this tweak after I get the preview of the tweak in my hands! So hang on for it!
But as of now I personally recommend you to get this if you are a Siri and Twitter user.
What do you think about Tweetline?
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