What Apple Says About The Overheating Of the new iPad

A lot of folks and bloggers have been picking on Apple because their new iPad gets heated up a lot. Well it was not going to go un-noticed by Apple, so according to Truddy Mullet (Apple’s representative):

“The new iPad ships with Retina Display, A5X processor, support for 4G LTE networks and not least with 10 hours of autonomy, however all these features are operating within Apple’s thermal specifications”.

Another thing mentioned is that if someone happens to get their iPad heated while just browsing the internet with apps such as Safari then he/she should contact AppleCare or  take their iPad down to the local Apple Store to get it replaced.

If we leave aside the isolated incidents on the internet then one thing comes in mind; folks over at Tweakers.net actually used an infrared camera to see the differences between the temperatures of the iPad 2 and the new iPad in GLBenchmark. In these scenarios the difference was of 5.3 degrees.They very neatly measyred the temperature and the bottom right corner where the processor is placed. Check the image below:

That being said, if the iPad 2 reaches a maximum of 28.3 degree celsius then the new iPad reaches to a maximum of 33,6 degrees.

So the only solution to the over-heating problem is to take your iPad to the Apple Store for a replacement.

Are you facing excessive heating problems with your new iPad?

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