Review: Angry Birds Space

You might have recently read my post about why I think Angry Birds is one of the best games on iOS. Nearly 2 weeks ago, Angry Birds Space was announced by Rovio and we were even told NASA was involved in it. In my last post about Angry Birds, I said that I didn’t like it because it was the same thing over and over again. Well in Angry Birds Space, that changes.

With Angry Birds Space, the gameplay most have come to love has changed. Now, physics comes into play a lot more with no gravity and gravity affected fields in the levels. As seen in the screenshots above, a lot has changed. The birds got a makeover and there is 1 new bird. That blue squared bird converts blocks into ice.

I encountered some problems with the game. First I couldn’t open it. I somehow fixed that problem but the, while I’m playing it would constantly crash. I was able to solve my problem by deleting the app, re-downloading it and then rebooting. unfortunately, I lost all my data (If you follow me on twitter you could see how mad I was with Rovio).

You can buy Angry Birds space for $0.99 in iTunes. A part of me recommends it because it is fun and the gameplay changed, but another part of me doesn’t recommend it because of all the crashing I got. Let me know how the game plays for you and if you liked it.

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