How To By-Pass your iPhone Passcode

Today during a chat at the Freenode IRC channel #JailbreakQA we were talking about how vulnerable the iOS was, and one member today said, “The iOS is the easiest to hack”, naturally most of us disagreed but then today I found out about XRY, this is a new application which will allow you  to bypass your iPhone in many ways. One good and user-friendly thing is app provides is that, you can actually recover your iPhone Passcode if you happen to lose it due to bad memory. :P

Here is a video demonstration by Micro Systemation, the Swedish security company who has developed XRY.

A report was released which actually tells us how the firm did this, and to no surprise, these exploits are the same ones that the jailbreakers use to gain access to the iPhone’s file system and other things.

Let me know what you guys think about XRY in the comments section below.

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Source ( 9to5Mac )

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  1. This is a great tool! I repair iPhones and this could be very handy especially the recovery tool. This is a simply method for Android rooting too.


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