Review: TouchPosé+

It’s finally here! After a few weeks, the + version of TouchPosé has been released. The + version allows you to do so much more! You can now:

  • Use a Custom Image for the tracker
  • Change the color of the default tracker
  • Use more than 1 custom image for the tracker at once

Here’s how it works,

  1. You enable TouchPosé+ and select your activation method.
  2. You select your tracker (called pose in the settings panel).
  3. Head to Pose Settings to: a) select the color of the default Pose. b) Select the custom image for the tracker.
Check out TouchPosé+ in action below:
 You can add your own custom images by creating an image. The developer has sent me the specs which are (NOTE: Images can be any size, the sizes below are examples. Note that retina’s need @2x or they won’t work):
  • Should be saved to /var/mobile/TouchPose/
  • 40×40 for non retina display.
  • 80×80 for retina displays and you must add the @2x syntax at the end of the image name.
  • i.e pose.png or pose@2x.png.
Here is a video tutorial of how to add a custom image:
 Now that you’ve learned how the tweak works, let’s get on to the review ;).

TouchPosé+ is a nice visual tweak that anybody would enjoy. I recommend it to people who like DisplayRecorder’s tracker. It’s fast, has no lag at all and works nice with other tweaks. I like TouchPosé+ and ever since I heard of a + version coming I’ve been waiting for it.

TouchPosé+ was created by iolate and is available on the Cydia Store for $1.00.

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