Apple Invents New Method To Add Signatures To E-Documents

There are various devices that can be used to enter data in documents displayed by the device. For example, a device can display a document provided by an electronic document file, such as a PDF file document or a word processing one that may include one or more text fields in which text could be entered. What I’m trying to say is that a person can fill up the whole form from his device. However, some legal documents require a signature of the user to authenticate the document. This can not be done by means of an electronic device as of now but with this new invention by Apple, this might be possible in the near future.

Now coming to Apple’s invention for signing E-Documents, they state that an electronic device could display a document having several fields, including a field in which a user could provide a signature. Because a signature can’t be provided using the keyboard, a user can write a signature on a piece of paper or any other object and place it in front of a camera for capturing an image of the signature. This image can then be placed in the signature criteria in an E-Document.

Furthermore, Apple says that the image can be taken by any iDevice or Mac with a camera and it will then process the image to create a digital representation of the captured signature.

This all sounds very cool but what about the security of the signatures?

For this matter, Apple states that the representation of the signature could be encrypted and stored in such a way that only an authorized user, using an authorized application could access it.

According to me if this is implemented perfectly, the life of various business men would be simplified to a great extent. Though after this one will think several times before giving someone else any access to their computers/phones.

What do yo u guys make of this patent?

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