HackStore – Cydia For Mac

Since a long time we have been hearing rumors about Cydia for Mac and now finally it has been released calling itself the HackStore.

Before I continue enlightening you about the HackStore, there is something I like about it and that is its motto, “No Piracy Apps Here Forever And Ever”. The piracy issue has been driving everyone crazy, Cydia has many pirate  re which provide all the paid tweaks/themes for free and just pour water on all the hard work done by the dev. If the HackStore can prevent this then it will surely be a good place for Mac OS developers to upload their apps.

Here’s what the developers behind HackStore have to say about their new application:

This program for us is the epitome of Cydia for iOS, but on a Mac OS. This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there.

The biggest Mac Appstore problem is that they limit their users in everything, without giving an opportunity to expand these limits. This is not correct, because  ONLY users should decide which applications they should install and which one do not.

We think, HackStore, it is a break through the narrow confines of Mac Appstore. A lot of good applications should be created and promoted but if they will never come to AppStore they will be not popular at all, so we have created HackStore!

The motto of our application - «No piracy apps here, forever and ever», so the cracked and piracy apps I am the HackStore application developer. This program for me is the epitome of Cydia for iOS, but on a Mac OS. This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there.

HackStore seems to have copied the user interface of the Mac App Store, so you won’t take much trouble using the app.

Now you must be wondering “Was Saurik the one who created the HackStore?”

Well here is what he has to say about it:

NO: if I were to release something, it would definitely be called “Cydia”. ;P To me, there is no reason to build something that Bodega easily services (you can even find jailbreaking tools, such as Seas0nPass in Bodega): the only thing that makes Cydia interesting is Substrate, so until and unless Substrate works on Mac you won’t see me spending time building a simple installer tool.

It is still early days for the HackStore as there are currently only 50+ apps in the Mac App Store. But it seems like a nice place for jailbreakers to download the latest jailbreak tools such as TinyUmbrella, ipswDownloader, iExplorer etc.

It looks like it has already generated quite a bit of interest as the HackStore was down at the time of publishing this post, so don’t be surprised if you see a grey screen after you launch the app. The developers are trying to fix the issue.

You can download the HackStore using this link.

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  1. Aditya

     /  April 27, 2012

    http://hack-store.com/HackStore.dmg <— that's the link to the dmg. The link in the article links to a png.

  2. Aditya

     /  April 27, 2012

    http://hack-store.com/HackStore.dmg working download link


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