Review: GrabberApp

Have you ever wanted to launch some other app from your HomeScreen by swiping up the Camera Grabber? Well if yes, then GrabberApp is the tweak for you. GrabberApp basically allows you to choose what app you want to launch by sliding up the Grabber on the LockScreen.

To choose what app you want to launch, you have to head to the settings panel for GrabberApp and first enable it and then choose whatever app you want.

After you are done choosing the app you want to launch, when you now slide the Grabber up, you will be directed to the app that you chose.

GrabberApp goes hand-in-hand with Camera Grabber for iOS 5 on a non iOS 5.1 device. If you don’t use Camera Grabber then while installing GrabberApp it will automatically install it.

Check out GrabberApp in action below:

One cool thing I like while using both of them together is that you can actually theme the Grabber icon with Camera Grabber, so if you have chosen Instagram then you can put the Instagram app logo instead of the Grabber.

All you have to do is:

  • Use an image of size  118×149 (for Retina devices) and 59×75 (for non-retina devices)
  • Put this file in a folder named <Folder Name>
  • Make another folder named “Bundles” inside the first folder you created
  • Now place the image you created and rename it to “com.modmyi.cameragrabberforios5″
  • Save and Apply with WinterBoard

If you are interested in GrabberApp you can go ahead and install it for free from Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

Let me know what you guys think about GrabberApp in the commetns section below.

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