Next iPhone to have Flexible OLED Display?

Oh! Look an iPhone user, just great! We won’t even be allowed to hold his phone, since he certainly will be scared that we might scratch or drop it… just great.

Have you heard this a lot? Well certainly I have, as a matter of fact I’m so protective about my phone that even while in a restaurant I keep a tissue under my phone and then set it on the table. (If you are thinking why I don’t use a case, that is because cases make the phone bulky and they don’t feel good in the hand.)

But well, if you hear this a lot then you would be quite happy to know that the next iPhone might be adopting those flexible OLED screens that we have seen in various concept photos/videos. Well the phone won’t be as bendy as you expect but it will be good enough to sustain injuries by falling down etc.

This technology will be coming from Samsung (just like the Retina display). I personally hate the fact Apple has to partner with Samsung for stuff like this because then the credit is shared and Samsung tries to dethrone Apple, which they know they won’t be able to. (Spoken like a true fan boy, huh?)

Anyway getting back to the news, Samsung’s Kwon Oh-hyun said, ” We will be mass producing flexible OLED displays from the latter half of this year as the demand from our clients is significant.” Though Kwon did not mention any company, Apple is certainly one of them according to a U.S based analyst saying, “Apple is the iconic company in the industry that will continue to set the trends. If Samsung finds increasing industry demand for a futuristic product like flexible displays, it’s hard to imagine that Apple doesn’t have something to with it.”

I believe the sixth-gen iPhone will be a kicker and will dethrone Samsung and Nokia (specifically Lumia 900, other models suck) permanently.

What are your thoughts on the next iPhone?

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Source ( The Korea Times via Macworld )

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