The First Commercial Jailbreak…

Well, as I see it someone has finally helped i0n1c live his year-long dream. If you did not get the clue, I was pointing out that someone has finally released a new jailbreak which is PAID. The exploit is done by a Russian hacker @legerov. The tool is known as Vulndisco Mobile 1.7 which allows you to untether any A4 device on iOS 5.1.1. Oh by the way for your information, this jailbreak was popularized by none other than i0n1c.

The idea behind the InteVyDis jailbreak is that you use Redsn0w to tether jailbreak your device and then Vulndisco Mobile module builds a custom bundle you have to install on your device with the help of redsn0w. After this you will have your device jailbroken and you’ll get remote CANVAS shell.

Here is the video of how their jailbrak works:

If you are one of those i0n1c followers then you can go ahead and purchase the jailbreak from here.

Well since Pod2g’s last update on his jailbreak, we see that it is only a few days away and more over Absinthe 2.0 will support all devices including A5s, the jailbreak as usual will be a free one, so I don’t see anyone paying for this jailbreak other than ardent i0n1c supporters.

What are your thoughts on this?

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