KASLR Spells Trouble…

One feature of the iOS 6 firmware that was not discussed at the WWDC 2012 was KASLR. What does KASLR stand for you might ask? Well, KASLR stands for Kernal Address Space Layout Randomization, which is essentially the next step up from ASLR that was introduced in iOS 5. For non technology orientated individuals both KASLR and ASLR serve a simple purpose – to make your iOS device more secure. This is great for those running stock iOS devices, but for the Jailbreaking community this spells trouble.

With the addition of KASLR in iOS 6 it essentially breaks any current exploits hackers have in their possessions to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Hacker @Veeence has recently tweeted about KASLR and has mentioned that due to KASLR the Rocky Racoon exploits are not longer valid and as such new exploits are needed.

No. iOS 6 is not compatible with Rocky Racoon exploits.iOS 6 now has KASLR, a new security layer (anti-JB), so new exploits are needed.

Although KASLR will definitely mean more work for hackers in the Jailbreaking community, it is not the end of Jailbreaking. And according @i0n1c, KASLR is not even something to be too worried about because there are other security features implemented in iOS 6 that are going to be more troublesome.

From what I hear KASLR is one of the things in iOS 6 that will not be a problem at all. Other stuff is more troubling.

I shall keep you posted about any new discoveries made in iOS 6.

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