Having issues with Absinthe?

Since Absinthe 2.0 was just released today by the Chronic-Dev team, you can’t expect it to be free of bugs. Here’s a quick and short article how to solve what I consider the most common issue with Absinthe 2.0:

“Please re-plug your device to try again”

Although I do not know the cause of this issue, the current know fix for this is to create a backup for your device, then restore your device in iTunes, set it up as a new device and run Absinthe 2.0. When Absinthe is done, restore from the backup you created.

This was just a quick and short article to solve the issue :).

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Absinthe v2.0 for the upcoming 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak

Today, xvolks confirmed that the tool that will jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 will be an updated version of Absinthe (the jailbreak tool used for A5 devices on iOS 5.0.1).

He posted a video of him running the tool on his iPhone 4 GSM. You can watch it below. It seems it’ll will take 5-6 minutes to jailbreak 5.1.1, with no need to enter DFU mode.

Here is what he tweeted:

Link to Video (WordPress on iOS doesn’t support YouTube):

Watch the Video

So, are you patiently waiting for the jailbreak?

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What news related to jailbreaking could pod2g be talking about?

The video that pod2g released showing off the iPad 3 untethered jailbreak also had some exciting news. In the credits, pod2g said that the jailbreak tool will be created and released by the chronic-dev team.

Earlier today he updated his blog that some interesting news regarding jailbreaking were going to be announced in the hack-in-the-box conference.

This leaves me wondering, what could the news be?! Could this mean that in less than 11 days the 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak will be here, or better yet, a bootrom exploit has been found for A5/X devices has been found? Another possibility is Jailbreakme 4.0 and/or a hard to patch exploit.

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More details about the iTweak Store released

They first time I heard about the iTweak Store, I didn’t really think it’d surpass Cydia but now that more details have been released I’m looking forward to using iTweak a lot. For those that don’t know what the iTweak Store is, it is an upcoming jailbreak tweak store that looks forward to being better than Cydia. We didn’t know more than that until earlier today when the website was updated with more details about iTweak.

User Friendly

iTweak claims to give a much simpler UI than other package managers.

Full Debian APT

Just like Cydia, iTweak will use the now well know Debian APT for package managing.

Universal iOS Support

All iOS versions will be supported, along with every iOS device (including 1st generation devices).

Uses Mobile Safari

Instead of installing iTweak, iTweak will be based off of the web. You can install iTweak as a web app, bookmark it, or run it off of MobileSafari anytime. With increased security measures, you won’t get malware.

The iTweak Store has so much more features, it’s best you read all of them at their website. It’s going to be interesting to see how iTweak will work… you know? With those PC & Mac clients.  At iOS Jedi blog, we’ve signed up for beta testing/reviewing so if we’re granted beta access, we’ll be able to let you know how iTweak is.

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Review: TouchPosé+

It’s finally here! After a few weeks, the + version of TouchPosé has been released. The + version allows you to do so much more! You can now:

  • Use a Custom Image for the tracker
  • Change the color of the default tracker
  • Use more than 1 custom image for the tracker at once

Here’s how it works,

  1. You enable TouchPosé+ and select your activation method.
  2. You select your tracker (called pose in the settings panel).
  3. Head to Pose Settings to: a) select the color of the default Pose. b) Select the custom image for the tracker.
Check out TouchPosé+ in action below:
 You can add your own custom images by creating an image. The developer has sent me the specs which are (NOTE: Images can be any size, the sizes below are examples. Note that retina’s need @2x or they won’t work):
  • Should be saved to /var/mobile/TouchPose/
  • 40×40 for non retina display.
  • 80×80 for retina displays and you must add the @2x syntax at the end of the image name.
  • i.e pose.png or pose@2x.png.
Here is a video tutorial of how to add a custom image:
 Now that you’ve learned how the tweak works, let’s get on to the review ;).

TouchPosé+ is a nice visual tweak that anybody would enjoy. I recommend it to people who like DisplayRecorder’s tracker. It’s fast, has no lag at all and works nice with other tweaks. I like TouchPosé+ and ever since I heard of a + version coming I’ve been waiting for it.

TouchPosé+ was created by iolate and is available on the Cydia Store for $1.00.

My thoughts on a new iPod Touch

Earlier today Idhanta wrote an article about a possible 5th generation iPod. Instead of rumors, I’m gonna be stating what I think about his predictions. When I think about a 5th generation iPod Touch, it’s hard to think about new stuff since in the 4th generation iPod Touch Apple tossed in almost everything you could think about. Still you could probably think about 4G/LTE connectivity or a bigger screen. Let’s talk more about that below.

4G/LTE capabilities

With the release of the 3rd generation iPad, Apple introduced 4G/LTE internet capabilities to it’s products. Many have mentioned the possibility of this in a new iPod Touch limited to data only. The thing is, when Apple released the first iPod Touch many people say it as “a cheaper iPhone, stripped of contracts and phone capabilities” (maybe not exactly like that but that’s how many saw it). To add 4G/LTE capabilities, the price tag of an iPod Touch would rise between $50-$100. Also, battery life would diminish and the iPod Touch will be much thicker.

A5X or A6 Processor

One of the things Apple markets the most in its products is the processor. Over the past few years, since the release of the iPad, we’ve seen a pattern that before wasn’t likely to change. First, the iPad is released with the newest processor, then the iPhone & later on the iPod Touch is released with the same processor. This year that pattern changed because Apple did not release an iPod Touch with the A5 processor, but released a new iPad with an A5X processor. It might be harder to predict what Apple will use as a processor for the next generation iPod Touch this year.

Then we have an A6 processor. I quickly struck that out of the equation because Apple stated there was nothing to add to their processor at the moment. Thus, the A5X was released with improved graphics.


I have to agree with Idhanta, the current storage options are a bit odd. The 8GB option is unfair because truly, it comes with 6GB of memory. 16GB is the perfect medium and I’d agree with the 4th generation’s original starting price of $219 (now $199). The 32GB and 64GB options aren’t bad. The 8GB option just has to go!


Yes it would be nice to see Apple’s iSight camera on the iPod Touch. With the current camera, pictures taken in low lighting look pixellated and horrible.

Those are my thoughts on some of Idhanta’s predictions. I suggest you read his article (Link provided in the first paragraph).

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Review: Angry Birds Space

You might have recently read my post about why I think Angry Birds is one of the best games on iOS. Nearly 2 weeks ago, Angry Birds Space was announced by Rovio and we were even told NASA was involved in it. In my last post about Angry Birds, I said that I didn’t like it because it was the same thing over and over again. Well in Angry Birds Space, that changes.

With Angry Birds Space, the gameplay most have come to love has changed. Now, physics comes into play a lot more with no gravity and gravity affected fields in the levels. As seen in the screenshots above, a lot has changed. The birds got a makeover and there is 1 new bird. That blue squared bird converts blocks into ice.

I encountered some problems with the game. First I couldn’t open it. I somehow fixed that problem but the, while I’m playing it would constantly crash. I was able to solve my problem by deleting the app, re-downloading it and then rebooting. unfortunately, I lost all my data (If you follow me on twitter you could see how mad I was with Rovio).

You can buy Angry Birds space for $0.99 in iTunes. A part of me recommends it because it is fun and the gameplay changed, but another part of me doesn’t recommend it because of all the crashing I got. Let me know how the game plays for you and if you liked it.

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How to get MobileTerminal on iOS 5.0.x

If you’re a jailbreaker and really know what you’re doing, then you probably have heard of MobileTerminal. MobileTerminal is that one Cydia app that brings Window’s CMD or Linux’s Terminal to iOS. You’ve probably already figured out that the current version available in Cydia isn’t compatible with the latest versions of iOS.

Luckily for you, a group of developers has worked hard to keep the project alive and up to date. They’ve made the DEB files available to the public through Google. Below is a guide on how to install MobileTerminal on your Device, it can be done in two different ways.

Guide (On Device)

  1. Install iFile if you haven’t already, coreutils (/bin) from Cydia, and download the DEB file from the Google Code project.
  2. Once downloaded, select “Open in iFile”.
  3. Tap on installer. This will now install iFile in your device.

Guide (Desktop)

  1. Download OpenSSH on your device and make sure you have coreutils (/bin) from Cydia.
  2. Select your preferred SSH terminal.
  3. Navigate to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ and place the DEB file there.
  4. Reboot your device and MobileTerminal will be installed.

Using both guides, you’ve just installed MobileTerminal on your device. Let me know how it goes.

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Tip: Enable Push Notifications in Tweetbot

Tweetbot is, in my opinion, extremely better that Twitter’s official application for iOS. You can do so much more stuff, it has no ads and it even has a prettier UI. Below is a screenshot of my profile in Tweetbot:

Tweetbot, besides being one of the best alternatives to the official twitter app, has one downfall. Push Notifications are not enabled by default and you need to activate them in the app’s settings. Here’s a guide about how to do this:


Review: Imperium

From the moment you download Imperium, be sure to be impressed. Imperium was created by Akhil Tolani, a 14 year old iOS developer. This tweak stays true to it’s description:

“A completely new and better AppSwitcher for your iPhone/iPod based on Mac OS X Lion MissionControl and LaunchPad.”

With Imperium you can quickly kill background apps, take a photo, get song lyrics, tweet, search Google, invoke settings (in an SBSettings kinda’ way). All these options work like they’re supposed to, except getting song lyrics which I wasn’t able to use.

The customization of Imperium is impressive. You can choose how much blur to apply, the dock applications found in the last page, the animations speed and you can choose whether or not a double tap dissmissed Imperium.

Imperium doesn’t cause safe mode when you use the original AppSwitcher, you invoke it with an Activator action and it doesn’t lag, although sometimes swiping through the pages can be a little slow (a mere 1 or 2 frames).

Check out Imperium in action below:


Closing Comments

Imperium is an awesome tweak, one that I’ll be using for a long time. I haven’t experienced any problems with it besides the 2 mentioned above. You can get it yourself for $0.99 in the Cydia Store. Click here if your reading this from your device.

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