Review: Brightslide

Brightslide is a new jailbreak tweak which puts the brightness slider, the volume slider and a few toggles/apps at your disposal with just a simple activator action.


Brightslide adds a settings panel from which you can choose up to three apps that you want access to.

To understand what brightslide is capable of, check out the video below:

If you are interested in Brightslide you can get it for free in under the BigBoss repo.

So what do you guys think about Brightslide?

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Review: TouchPosé+

It’s finally here! After a few weeks, the + version of TouchPosé has been released. The + version allows you to do so much more! You can now:

  • Use a Custom Image for the tracker
  • Change the color of the default tracker
  • Use more than 1 custom image for the tracker at once

Here’s how it works,

  1. You enable TouchPosé+ and select your activation method.
  2. You select your tracker (called pose in the settings panel).
  3. Head to Pose Settings to: a) select the color of the default Pose. b) Select the custom image for the tracker.
Check out TouchPosé+ in action below:
 You can add your own custom images by creating an image. The developer has sent me the specs which are (NOTE: Images can be any size, the sizes below are examples. Note that retina’s need @2x or they won’t work):
  • Should be saved to /var/mobile/TouchPose/
  • 40×40 for non retina display.
  • 80×80 for retina displays and you must add the @2x syntax at the end of the image name.
  • i.e pose.png or pose@2x.png.
Here is a video tutorial of how to add a custom image:
 Now that you’ve learned how the tweak works, let’s get on to the review ;).

TouchPosé+ is a nice visual tweak that anybody would enjoy. I recommend it to people who like DisplayRecorder’s tracker. It’s fast, has no lag at all and works nice with other tweaks. I like TouchPosé+ and ever since I heard of a + version coming I’ve been waiting for it.

TouchPosé+ was created by iolate and is available on the Cydia Store for $1.00.

Review: Imperium

From the moment you download Imperium, be sure to be impressed. Imperium was created by Akhil Tolani, a 14 year old iOS developer. This tweak stays true to it’s description:

“A completely new and better AppSwitcher for your iPhone/iPod based on Mac OS X Lion MissionControl and LaunchPad.”

With Imperium you can quickly kill background apps, take a photo, get song lyrics, tweet, search Google, invoke settings (in an SBSettings kinda’ way). All these options work like they’re supposed to, except getting song lyrics which I wasn’t able to use.

The customization of Imperium is impressive. You can choose how much blur to apply, the dock applications found in the last page, the animations speed and you can choose whether or not a double tap dissmissed Imperium.

Imperium doesn’t cause safe mode when you use the original AppSwitcher, you invoke it with an Activator action and it doesn’t lag, although sometimes swiping through the pages can be a little slow (a mere 1 or 2 frames).

Check out Imperium in action below:


Closing Comments

Imperium is an awesome tweak, one that I’ll be using for a long time. I haven’t experienced any problems with it besides the 2 mentioned above. You can get it yourself for $0.99 in the Cydia Store. Click here if your reading this from your device.

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Deck – one of the most awaited jailbreak tweaks, I have wanted it since the time I heard @SBCoders announcing it’s features. As you all know it has been released in Cydia and costs $1.99 which is very reasonable for all it provides you.

Let’s get right into the features that Deck provides us with.


Here is the compiled in-depth review of Deck:



Springround is a new tweak and offers something totally new, I have not seen any tweak give us something like this before. Basically what Springround does that it allows you to access your HomeScreen from within any app.. confused?

Check out this screenshot, then maybe you’ll have an idea of what I’am talking about:

Still a bit confused? Check out the video walkthrough and I’am sure all your confusion will be cleared away:

If you are interested in Springround which I’am quite sure you are then you can get it for $0.99 from Cydia under the ModMyi repo.

Let me know what you guys think about it.

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