Requiem App Cracks Apple’s Fairplay DRM Protection For iBooks

The Verge had earlier today reported that a new version of the Requiem App (v3.3), it is a Mac and Windows app that removes fairPlay digital rights management (DRM) from iTunes music and movies and now with this update it also removes it from iBooks eBooks.

As The Verge points out, while Apple had dropped FairPlay DRM for music in 2009, apps, movies and iBooks from iTunes still utilize some form of DRM copy protection.

This is the first time iBooks DRM copy protection has been cracked. Removing DRM copy protection makes it possible to open and read iBooks ePub files on non-iOS devices.

The Verge also confirms that they have used Requiem to remove DRM from iBooks ePub files and were able to open and read them on multiple non-iOS devices.

requiem was first released in 2008 and since then Apple has been playing the chase by updating iTunes as soon as Requiem is released, what I mean to say is that there might be a new iTunes update in the process.

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