More details about the iTweak Store released

They first time I heard about the iTweak Store, I didn’t really think it’d surpass Cydia but now that more details have been released I’m looking forward to using iTweak a lot. For those that don’t know what the iTweak Store is, it is an upcoming jailbreak tweak store that looks forward to being better than Cydia. We didn’t know more than that until earlier today when the website was updated with more details about iTweak.

User Friendly

iTweak claims to give a much simpler UI than other package managers.

Full Debian APT

Just like Cydia, iTweak will use the now well know Debian APT for package managing.

Universal iOS Support

All iOS versions will be supported, along with every iOS device (including 1st generation devices).

Uses Mobile Safari

Instead of installing iTweak, iTweak will be based off of the web. You can install iTweak as a web app, bookmark it, or run it off of MobileSafari anytime. With increased security measures, you won’t get malware.

The iTweak Store has so much more features, it’s best you read all of them at their website. It’s going to be interesting to see how iTweak will work… you know? With those PC & Mac clients.  At iOS Jedi blog, we’ve signed up for beta testing/reviewing so if we’re granted beta access, we’ll be able to let you know how iTweak is.

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