Review: SiriHeights

SiriHeights is a simple jailbreak tweak with the help of which you can easily customize the size of Siri’s background when you first access her. All you have to do is head to its settings panel and adjust the size as much as you want it to be.

The tweak’s main purpose is for showing-off any Siri Background that you have, other than that there is nothing that the tweak offers but none the less it is nice.

Check out SiriHeights in action below:

If you are interested in SiriHeights you can get it for free from Cydia.

Let me know what you guys think about SiriHeights in the comments section below.

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HalfSiriFirst is a new tweak in Cydia which allows you to open Siri to half the screen instead of  the usual quarter screen. The tweak doesn’t do anything or isn’t useful in anything, but was made only for those who find it fun, I personally like the tweak for one reason and that is, due to this tweak the dock shelf actually looks like a shelf when you launch Siri first.

Check out HalfSiriFirst in action below:

The tweak really depends on personal likings and not on anything useful that it provides.

Also as far as I remember there was another tweak known as QuickSiri which allowed you to open her to Full Screen, it also did not have any useful features except that the developer claimed that it reduced the lag in Siri, which i know it did not.

So what do you guys think about HalfSiriFirst?

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While talking to Siri suppose you get a question wrong and want to correct all you do is tap on the words you said and the keyboard pops-up to type down the question correctly again, but sadly iOS provides us this ability only once per question, so that means if you want to ask Siri the same question just with the last part different you wil have to go through the process all over again, which is quite painful so @rv1raj came up with “SiriCorrectInfinity” which allows you to by-pass the one time correction limit to infinite times.

You can check out the video of SiriCorrectInfinity below:

Let me know what you guys think about SiriCorrectInfinity in the comments section below.

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In Depth Review Of Aloud (Really In Depth ;P)

Every now and then we want a new jailbreak tweak which will allow us a ton of customization options just like those of IntelliScreenX and Springtomize 2, we just love those tweaks which provide us a lot because otherwise we need to scroll through Cydia and get numerous tweaks to complete our needs. So today morning when I refreshed Cydia I saw “Aloud” I opened it up and was looking at it with an eye closed, when I scrolled down to the feature list, both my eyes were wide open! The feature list of the tweak consisted of about 30 features (including the description), I made up my mind to get this tweak and review it for all of you. So here I present to you Aloud by @cjori.

First of all you would like to know that the tweak has an introductory price of $0.99 for the first three days, after which it will increase so i suggest you get this ASAP. Now without any more ado let’s get to the tweak.


SiriBoard & SwipeSiri


SiriBoard is a new jailbreak tweak which is very useful if you have a broken Home Button. The tweak adds a Siri SpringBoard icon by tapping on which Siri is activated.


I wanted to see this tweak incorporated as a feature in Zephyr but as it so happens the tweak was made separately before that happened. After your conversation with Siri all you have to do is swipe upwards on the screen and you will return back to your Home Screen.

Check out the video demonstration of both these tweaks below:

What do you think about both of them?

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Tweetline: Integrates Twitter Into Siri

This post of mine has been long overdue because I could not really make a video to the tweak as one of the aspects in the tweak was crashing but now thanks to the dev(@rud0lf77) that has been fixed and now I can review it for you!

Tweetline is an awesome tweak or perhaps I should say an awesome AssistantExtensions plugin.
When the tweak was originally released it wasn’t up-to the mark but now it has started gaining momentum and will slowly completely integrate Twitter into Siri.

The tweak allows you to set the tweet count you want to see from 1 right up-to 50! Which is quite useful if you follow too many people, the tweak also lets you view your Twitter mentions by asking Siri.

The developer is constantly working on new things for the plugin as of now in the next update he has already integrated:
  • A new Twitter background
  • Changing the text color
  • Applying Custom Backgrounds
  • Also he is trying to get the profile pictures in place for this update but he says the chances are slim so he might bring this in some future update
As by now you might have noticed this is an awesome tweak for something that is completely FREE!
I will be adding a video review to this tweak after I get the preview of the tweak in my hands! So hang on for it!
But as of now I personally recommend you to get this if you are a Siri and Twitter user.
What do you think about Tweetline?
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QuickSiri: Open Siri In Full Screen

Having a slow Siri? Hate it? Well this new tweak – QuickSiri – fixes it and also adds a new feature to our favorite personal assistant.

What does the teak do?
QuickSiri allows you to open Siri to full screen the first time you activate her by holding down the Home Button.
Benefits of that?
This fixes the temporary lag that you get while first activating Siri for Spire and also if you have been modifying Siri for a long time then even the original Siri develops a lag, this is also fixed.
In the Cydia description of the tweak the developer also tells us that there will be an update soon which will allow us to disable the help bar in Siri.
I recommend this tweak as it is free and highly useful.
You can check out the tweak in action below:
Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below.
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Hackers Find A Way To Use A Single iPhone 4S’ Validation Keys For Multiple iDevices!

If you want Siri on your iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G or on the iPad 2 you probably know that you will need Spire and a running SiriProxy. To run a SiriProxy you definitely need an iPhone 4S so that you can use it validation keys to get your Proxy up and running. There are many Proxies across the web that provide you free SirProxies but ‘The Three Little Pigs Server’ is the most popular one.
However there is a very big problem with these servers and i.e. the ValidationData required from a 4S lasts only for 24 hours. This means that you have to renew the proxy every 24hrs which is kind of frustrating specially for free servers as there should be some people there who have to donate their keys everyday.
But now one of the founders of ‘The Three Little Pigs Server’ tweeted that he has found an exploit in the Siri protocol which will allow him to create multiple ValidationData with a single iPhone 4S!

@jmmykane9 explains how the process works:

Every time an iDevice uses Siri for the first time or creates a new assistant in apple database, guzzoni replies with a property validityDuration that tells for how long the generated validation data from the iDevice are valid.
Default reply on this by apple is: 90000 sec = 25h!!!
So response from apple is:
“\x02\b N\xF7\x88o\t!\xEE\xE4w\x83\x1AH\x1E\x81\x00\x00\x
And we just change the validityDuration to whatever we please. 
By changing the validityDuration to another value, say 15 seconds, the ValidationData will be renewed every time you use Siri and the keys are older than 15 seconds.
jimmykane9 has already added the exploit to the experimental tree of The Three Little Pigs server. In order to use the exploit, you need a jailbroken iPhone 4S:
  • Edit the config.yml file of your SiriProxy and set regenerate_interval to the time after which the iPhone4S should generate new ValidationData. A good value is 15 seconds (default is 90000 seconds)
  • On your iPhone 4S, delete /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
  • Respring
  • Connect to the server and make a request. You should see something like -> "[Exploit - SiriProxy] Command send to iPhone4S to regenerate multiple keys every 15 seconds”
  • Done. Wait 15 seconds and use Siri again! You should have another key in your DB
  • Repeat as many times you want!
  • To restore just delete the assistant.plist.
Jimmykane9 also said that this can probably also be integrated into the assistant.plist directly, but he hasn’t tested it yet.
We can’t verify if this process of generating multiple validationData with one iPhone 4S actually works, but if it does, we could see a dramatic increase in free SiriProxy servers, because you could basically use one iPhone 4S to get thousands of older devices connected to Siri’s servers.
But even if this works without any issues, we have to keep in mind that Apple might fix this exploit, as it looks like they are now actively fighting against Spire and SiriProxies.
Let me know what you guys think about this in the comments section below.
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In-depth Review of MyAssistant (MySiri)

Since the release of the A5 untethered jailbreak there have been a plenty of tweaks in Cydia that let us customize and enhance Siri but a tweak called as AssistantExtensions wins the competition by a huge margin. AssistantExtensions allows us to do various thing with Siri for instance we can have a custom conversation with Siri or even make a custom audio response by Siri. All this is great but AssistantExtensions allows us to go beyond this and lets developers build more and more tweaks and packages that will help Siri to become even better.
Now a tweak known as MyAssistant is very swiftly gaining the popularity to become the best Siri tweak yet. With MyAssistant ou can toggle system preferences, create your own conversations and even change Siri’s background. Perhaps the most interesting thing is Activator integration: MyAssistant includes the ability to execute Activator actions using your own voice commands.

Check out the in-depth review of MyAssistant below:

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