Apple Wins Patents For iPad Smart Cover and iTunes Store

Apple has been granted their second patent for the iTunes store in the past two weeks. This patent is for a content rental system and was filed in January 2008.

This patent covers a content rental system which mainly focuses on including a content server for transferring content to a viewing device upon a users request.

Apple has won another patent, regarding the infamous Time Machine Backup Software. This is Apple’s fifth patent regarding the Backup Software. This patent covers various methods and a program for providing a UI which includes earlier versions of data (you can say, an enhanced version of the current Time Machine).

Also Apple has issued three design patents.

  • The first patent is for an Apple Store Display Structure
  • The second goes to Apple’s iPad Smart Cover
  • The third goes to Apple’s iMac

Two more design patents that Apple received include iOS’ Newsstand icon (I hate this thing :|) and a power adapter.

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