Review: Dashboard X and DashTweet

Would it be nice to add engaging widgets on your iOS device’s Home Screen?

I’ve known some of my friends using Android, and I can say they’re keen on bragging this built-in feature.

Now, the bragging rights are over. We have our own version of widgets on iOS devices. Thanks to Ori Kadosh, the months of hard work and labor, his efforts finally paid-off – courtesy of his latest tweak dubbed ‘Dashboard X’ .


This jailbreak tweak allows you to take existing widgets generated from the Notification Center and position them anywhere on your iPhone and iPad home screen. That’s not all! With the plethora of interesting widgets available, the tweak is simple and straightforward to use.

I know we’ve tried some tweaks from Cydia with widget features, and some of them require us to perform a certain process for a simple action. Well, it’s another story for Dashboard X. It uses basic concepts that most iOS users are familiar with by simply dragging and positioning the widgets.

To add a widget, simply place your device into a wiggle mode, (This is what you do when you delete an app icon on Home Screen) simple hold down on any app, tap and hold any blank space on the springboard and then a list of all your widgets will show up, you can go ahead and add any of those to your Home Screen.

There is another mode known as “Overlay mode” which can be triggered by an Activator action, this is an overlay where you can add more widgets that you want to use.

I’d like to cover Dashtweet also since it was the first Dashboard X widget:

  • DashTweet: Allows you to easily send a tweet from your HomeScreen (It is available for free in Cydia)

Check out DashBoard X and DashTweet in action below:

If you are interested in Dasboard X, which I believe you are then you can go ahead and purchase it for $1.99 from Cydia under the ModMyi repo.

What are your thoughts on Dashboard X?

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