iCloud Email Sees Disruption Of Service

Day before yesterday, April 17 , an Apple Support Community page was created  discussing the disruption of service and now has over 100 replies from affected users from various parts of the World.

My Dad frequently uses iCloud as his mail client and when he told me that mails weren’t being sent or received, I tried to troubleshoot the problem with some usual techniques but all of them failed. So I headed to Apple’s Support Forum and searched for the topic, to my surprise there was already a thread with over 100 replies, indicating it to be a Worldwide issue.

According to those who have had a conversation with Apple support representatives, the issue is sporadic and has not affected a large number of users but this is being proved wrong with every passing minute.

The company’s iCloud status page reports that less than 1% of all users are having problems with the mail service, and a fix is expected soon.

Users affected by this issue have no access to their iCloud mail accounts, whether it be from the web or from their iDevice, which points out that the issue lies with Apple’s servers.

Amidst all this you can still heave a sigh of relief as all other features of the iCloud are functioning fine.

The source f this issue is yet unknown and Apple has no released any information regarding the matter.

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Apple Giving Away Free Snow Leopard to Push MobileMe Users to Migrate to iCloud

Back in October 2011, Apple launched iCloud – its new cloud based services, that allows users to store music, photos, apps, calendars, and documents and pushes them wirelessly to all your devices.

Apple had rewritten the core services provided by MobileMe to work seamlessly with iCloud and had informed MobileMe customers that they had until June 30th, 2012 to migrate their MobileMe account to iCloud.

It looks like Apple is offering another incentive for MobileMe users to migrate to iCloud, according to a report on Macgasm. Since users need to upgrade to OS X Lion to use Apple’s iCloud service, Macgasm is reporting that Apple is offering MobileMe users a free copy of Snow Leopard to reduce the cost to ultimately upgrade to OS X Lion for just $29.99.

As OS X Lion is available only via the Mac App Store, users with older version of OS X, first need to upgrade to Snow Leopard (10.6) via installation DVD, which is available for $29, to get access to the Mac App Store.

Macgasm reports that Apple has informed MobileMe users that they can get their free DVD of Snow Leopard, but have until June 15th to avail of the offer. Apple has apparently also setup a page (this link), where MobileMe users can request for their free DVD of Snow Leopard.

This should give MobileMe users enough time to upgrade to OS X Lion and migrate their account to iCloud before the June 30th deadline.

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Tutorial on How To Sync Dropbox and iCloud….

According to TJ Luoma’s report in TUAW, the Mac and iOS users are going to be faced with the problem of choosing between storing their documents in iCloud and Dropbox even though it is known that both have different purpose to serve. Apple as Luoma states is definitely going to add features every now and then to the iCloud so that people opt for it and to make the iCloud easier to win the support of the developers.

Luoma says that he would rather trust Dropbox than iCloud although iCloud is quite good. The reason is that one can sync iCloud with Dropbox but it’s a one-way sync only and of course a simple one too.

How to Sync iCloud With Dropbox

  • To begin with the syncing, you need to have your Mac iCloud enabled.
  • Once iCloud is enabled you need to go straight to ‘System Preferences >> iCloud‘ and check whether the Documents & Data’s option is set to Sync.
  • This process entirely depends on which particular app you are using to push data to iCloud. To push a document to iCloud using the specific app process you need to go to the ‘File >> Move to iCloud‘s structure.
  • Now you have to look for the local folder dedicated to iCloud on your Mac and that is the Library’s folder which is hidden as default in OS X Lion. However, you certainly can get access to it by opening up Finder, highlighting the ‘Go‘ menu option and then clicking on the ‘Alt’ key on the Mac keyboard. This way you make the Library folder visible.
  • Instead of step 4, the other way to do this is to click on ‘⌘CMD + Shift + G’, then type in ‘~/Library/’. In both cases you need to seek a folder in the tree called ‘Mobile Documents’, and then locate the ‘documents’ sub-folder with our precious pushed files.
  • The all-new features coming in the Hazel software help to perform certain synchronizations like making a rule within Hazel that enables checking a particular folder and then syncing the contents to Dropbox. And that results in getting all the iCloud files to Dropbox.

You needn’t worry while using apps that permit just the iCloud storage options as now you can sync iCloud with Dropbox quite easily.

Let me know if you are stuck up and need any assistance.

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Deleting Images In PhotoStream Is Now Possible

The Newest software update by Apple to iOS 5.1 is not as engrossing as everyone had expected, most people were disappointed at the fact that it only added Siri in the Japanese language and a few wallpapers.

But as it so happened while I was reading the change log I came across the second point in it which drew all my attention.

And the point was:

Photos can now be deleted from PhotoStream

When PhotoStream was released with the iCloud everyone was a bit disappointed that we could not delete images from PhotoStream, people were more cautious about what pictures they clicked as it would directly be uploaded to the cloud and eventually would be pushed to the person’s other iDevices. That means, if someone had clicked a picture which they did not want to share, they were helpless as the pictures and images would be shared no matter what, that was disappointing but now with the new iOS 5.1 you can actually delete the images from PhotoStream.

This is the only feature in the iOS 5.1 which has drawn my attention and is urging me to update to iOS 5.1 but as I don’t want to lose my jailbreak I will wait until the exploit is released.

What do you think about this?

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