How to Fix apps stuck on “Waiting…”

After updating to iOS 5.x from iTunes I’ve heard that some people were facing the issue of AppStore apps stuck on waiting for installation. I tried a few thing’s on my friend’s phone and after a few tries it finally worked, so here is a solution to fix this, technically it isn’t a fix but you can say so.

At first I tried the usual reboot and reinstall but that apparently did not work out so eventually I made way into iTunes to see if any podcasts or anything was stuck or if any huge download was stuck… while doing this I got the fix.

As of now I have found only one cause:

  • If you’ve got Automatic Downloads turned on, but have it disabled over 3G; new apps will appear on your springboard with ‘waiting’ until you connect to WiFi or delete them.

I have 3 suggestions for you:

  • Connect to a WiFi and then check if the apps bypass the waiting screen
  • Delete huge apps that provide hindrance to the installation
  • You should pause all the other downloads down to a single app

If the two mentioned up don’t work then you will have to manually delete and re-install all the applications one by one…. (pretty boring huh?)

So those are the solutions to the endless “Waiting…” label under an app.

Let me know which one worked for you in the comments section below.

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