The iOS 5.1

Apple today during their keynote announced the anticipated iOS 5.1. The only things that the iOS 5.1 gives us is Siri in the Japanese language and new wallpapers apart from that I did not find anything cool about the iOS 5.1. As a matter of fact there is nothing cool abut the iOS 5.1 unless and until you are from Japan.There might be some other features which Apple has not told us about but if there are any such fears stay tuned with us as we will notify you as and when anything new is stumbled upon.


iOS 5.1 is out now and is available for download.

It is available for the iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPod touch 3G. Additionally, Apple released iOS 5.0 for the Apple TV 3, and Apple TV 2.


iPad 3 with iOS 6? O_o

Today folks over at ArsTechnica have spotted some really interesting and intriguing revelations in their server logs, such as devices running iOS 6 and high resolution screens in the 2048×1536 dimensions and that is what we are expecting from the retina iPad 3.

Here’s what they have to say:

While digging through our logs in preparation for our monthly browser stat report, we found 346 visits from a device with a screen resolution of 2048×1536—the exact resolution rumored for the “retina” display in the next-generation iPad. Although a screen resolution by itself isn’t much to go on, a quick search around the Web indicates that there are very few devices in current use that have this same resolution.


Are You Prepared For iOS 5.1?

iOS 5.1 is one of the most popular Apple rumors around and it’s expected sometime between March 7 and March 9. Whichever one it ends up being, it’s really important that your ready for it. Earlier we talked about the rumors that we’ve heard about iOS 5.1. Below is a list of stuff that you should do and be aware of.

• Save your iOS 5.0.1 SHSH blobs for future downgrading. You can use TinyUmbrella or iFaith.

• Submit your iOS 5.0.1 SHSH blobs to Cydia using the latest version of redsn0w (Windows) (Mac).

• A5 users have no boot-rom exploit so you will not be able to downgrade from iOS 5.1.

• A5 users should try and be on a jailbreak as stable as possible so no testing tweaks!

We have no way of knowing when Apple will release iOS 5.1 to the masses. At least all I can expect as a warning is an iTunes update. Usually updates drop at 10:00 am (California Time).

So tell me, are you ready for iOS 5.1?

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iOS 5.1 Rumour Roundup

We’ve been hearing a lot about iOS 5.1 these days. It’s rumoured realease date is March 9th, along with a. refresh to the iPad lineup. iOS 5.1 promises to bring a host of new features to our devices. So let’s find out what they are, shall we?1: Dictation For iPad.
This is one that has been around for some time now. Evidence of this sits not in some vague plist entry, but in a panel in the settings application. This could well be one of the goodies in store for the new iPad. Don’t get too excited, as it looks like only the dictation part of Siri is to be implemented in the iPad.

[Image Source: 9to5Mac]

2: LockScreen Camera Change
If reports are taken to be true, the LockScreen button for camera access is permanent and the camera can be enabled by just swiping the LockScreen upwards. This might not be liked by many of us(me included), but this should save the home buttons of you shutterbugs from a little wear and tear!

3: Update
With iOS 5, we were able to format e-mails in rich text, i.e adding colour, changing size, italics, etc, etc. now this functionality has been added to the So now bulletins, underline, bold, italics all will be available in the stock notes application. Admittedly, there are much better note taking apps on the store, but we here at iOS Jedi Blog love to stay as integrated with iOS as possible.

Thanks to and BlogDoiPhone for the images.
Remember to save your blobs and preserve your baseband before you upgrade to any new iOS if you ever want to downgrade.
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i0n1c Gives News About the iOS 5.1 Jailbreak

Today on twitter, the known iOS hacker i0n1c has tweeted something rather sarcastic. Now I say sarcastic because in the first tweet he tells us to download it and then says “Just saying…”. In the second tweet he tells us it has nothing to do with the iOS 5.1 jailbreak, even though @MuscleNerd retweeted it.So to sum it all up, i0n1c reccommened to us to download the KakaoTalk Messengerapp sarcastically and then said it had nothing to do with the iOS 5.1 jailbreak but on the other side MuscleNerd retweeted him.

a few minutes later…

This shows that there might be some good connection with the iOS 5.1 jailbreak exploit. If the app has any kind of link to an exploit then as soon as Apple hear about this the app will go down the drain, so I recommend you to download it as soon as possible.
Also the app is free so there is nothing to lose.
But in the end it is all up-to you.

Let us know what you think and if you download the app!

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iOS 5.1 To Be Released On March 9th [Report]

The next update to Apple’s iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 is set to be released on March 9th. iOS 5.1 should fix battery issues, and add some new features if the beta releases are anything to go by. Siri Dictation for the iPad is one of the most anticipated features of iOS 5.1. iOS 5.1 also had a lot of new wallpapers. Historically, Apple adds new wallpapers only when a new device is set to be released. We here at iOS Jedi love anything and everything Apple has to offer. New wallpapers around this time of the year could only mean one thing, the iPad 3! Maybe I’m over-analyzing, but a guy can hope, can’t he?
An important point to be considered before you update, is that iOS 5.1 CANNOT be jailbroken untethered on any iDevice. It should be jailbroken tethered on devices below the iPhone 4S/iPad 2 since the A4 processor has a bootrom exploit. Also, make sure you save your SHSH(and APTicket) blobs using TinyUmbrella or Redsn0w so that you can downgrade to untethered freedom anytime!

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