Launch, Close and Switch Between Apps With Awesome Animations Using DisplayCandy

A new tweak known as DisplayCandy showed up in Cydia and claims to add cool animations as and when you launch, close or switch between apps. It is a pretty sweet jailbreak tweak since it hosts some nice and smooth animations.

The tweak has three main categories – Launch animation, Close animation and Switch animation. All three host the same 12 styles of animations and provide the options to customise the directions of some animations while allowing you to set the speed of the animation too.

All in all DisplayCandy is a pretty nice tweak to make your phone look different from the monotonous blunt animation. Check out the video below for more details on DisplayCandy:

If you like the feel of these animations then you can go ahead and purchase DisplayCandy for $2 from Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

Personally I feel the ripple effect is why I love DisplayCandy. My launch animation is set to Curl, Close animation as Ripple and Switch animation as Push. How have you set your animations?

Round-up of this Week’s Tweaks (30/4/12 to 6/5/12)

A new week is coming and that means more awesome jailbreak tweaks will be released. This means if you have missed any tweak from this week you might miss it for a long time period that is until you hear about it from someone else. But this won’t be the case since I have got you covered with this post right here. I’ve gathered all the tweak reviews from this week for you to check them out.

  1. AlwaysArrange
  2. TopLabels
  3. Characount for Notes
  4. SpotDict
  5. Spatz+
  6. SwipeSelection

This week’s best jailbreak tweak as chosen by me and the internet is SwipeSelection.

Let me know what you guys thought about these tweaks in the comments section below.

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