Silver iOS Scheme Instead Of Blue?

The apps that come pre-installed with your iOS device haven’t changed much in both the look and functionality department, since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007.

But Apple may be gearing up to make at least some subtle changes in iOS 6 such as changing the color scheme used in the pre-installed apps.

A couple of days ago Boy Genius’s Reports posted a mockup of the new Maps app, which could be one of the major new features of iOS 6. According to their trusted source, Apple won’t be ditching just Google for a revamped Maps app with 3D mode, but they might also be ditching the traditional blue color scheme seen across their core apps for silver.

Cult of Mac noticed this change in the new WWDC 2012 app that was released earlier today. Apple has replaced the traditional blue bar along the top and the black bar at the bottom with silver bars.

We didn’t read much into these claims until we stumbled across the Cupertino company’s new WWDC 2012 app. Unlike last year’s app — which featured a black bar along the bottom and a blue bar along the top, like traditional iPhone apps — this one sports silver bars and buttons both top and bottom. And I must say, it looks a lot simpler and a lot cleaner.

The WWDC 2012 app is not the only app that sports the silver color scheme. iPhoto app released back in March and a number of pre-installed iPad apps such as  YouTube, Maps and Mail app sport the silver color scheme.

So it is possible that Apple will transition to the silver color scheme for all the pre-installed iPhone apps in iOS 6.

What do you think about the silver color scheme for iOS apps? Which one do you prefer?

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