Review: NoTweetKeyboard

NoTweetKeyboard is a new jailbreak tweak and a pretty pointless one (sorry to say so, but that’s the truth). You all know with the release of iOS 5 last year, Apple deeply integrated Twitter into the iOS. You could even directly tweet your images from within the photos app, or just send normal tweets. If you’ve been using this feature you might have already noticed the two ‘@’ and ‘#’ button that appear on the right bottom corner of the keyboard, this is refered to as the Tweet Keyboard. What this tweak does is that, it disables the Tweet Keyboard and brings back the normal iOS keyboard with the ‘Return’ button in place of the ‘@’ and ‘#’ button.

Check out NoTweetKeyboard in action below:

If you are interested in NoTweetKeyboard (which I highly doubt) then you can head to Cydia and install it for free.

Let me know what you guys think about NoTweetKeyboard in the comments section below.

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Tweetbot updated with iCloud integration

I usually don’t write about App Store apps, it’s always about tweaks etc… but this is special. Tweetbot, the best Twitter client for an iPhone, much better even than the Twitter app itself, went through an update and it has added a few cool and unique features.

Tapbot have now added iCloud support to Tweetbot, which will keep the Timeline positions, Direct messages (DMs) and mute filters in sync across all instances of Tweetbot running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Here are all the new features:

  • iCloud Integration (must be logged into iCloud)
  • Mute filters synced across instances of Tweetbot
  • DM read status synced across all instances of Tweetbot when iCloud is selected for sync
  • Timeline positions are synced, this means that if you scroll on your iPhone and wait for a few second it’ll automatically scroll on your iPad (pretty cool eh?)
  • Better handling of iTunes links across thumbnail previews
  • YouTube links provide thumbnail previews (much awaited)
  • Pinch to close image on iPad
  • Minor bug fixes

It is great to see developers like Tapbots take their apps to the next level using new features available in iOS in their own unique and innovative way. Tweetbot was already the Gold standard for Twitter apps, with the iCloud sync feature, it will be even more difficult for users to give this app a miss.

You can get the updated version from within the AppStore under the updates tab, if you already have purchased it. If not then you will have to purchase it for $2.99 on the iPhone and as well as the iPad.

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Tip: Enable Push Notifications in Tweetbot

Tweetbot is, in my opinion, extremely better that Twitter’s official application for iOS. You can do so much more stuff, it has no ads and it even has a prettier UI. Below is a screenshot of my profile in Tweetbot:

Tweetbot, besides being one of the best alternatives to the official twitter app, has one downfall. Push Notifications are not enabled by default and you need to activate them in the app’s settings. Here’s a guide about how to do this:



Deck – one of the most awaited jailbreak tweaks, I have wanted it since the time I heard @SBCoders announcing it’s features. As you all know it has been released in Cydia and costs $1.99 which is very reasonable for all it provides you.

Let’s get right into the features that Deck provides us with.


Here is the compiled in-depth review of Deck:



Everyone wants easy access to their daily, for some hourly, used apps such as Twitter, Messages and Mail, we all want to easily send tweets, messages and mails, but is there a tweak which will provide us this with just a simple Activator action?

Well, before today there wasn’t any, today a new tweak known as FastStatus showed up in Cydia, this allows you to do all of the above. You can set an Activator action for the tweak from the settings pane that it adds. The tweak does allow us to tweet, SMS and send Mail but the problem is that it is not very easy, what i mean to say is that when you activate the tweak a pop-up will come with four options: Mail, SMS, Twitter & Cancel. When you tap on each of these the tweak will lead you directly to the respective applications to complete the task instead of allowing us to send the tweets/mails/SMS directly from the SpringBoard. Also, if you tap on Twitter the tweak will open up twitter but you will have to manually tap on the tweet button in the Twitter app.

You can check out the tweak in action below:

This certainly not what we all were looking for, we want a more easy way something like what BiteSMS and IntelliScreenX provide us with. But none the less the tweak is a good attempt to achieve what we want.

The tweak is a free one in Cydia.

Let me know what you think about FastStatus in the comments section below.

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Official Twitter App For iPhone Updated!

The official Twitter app for iPhone has been updated to a newer version (4.1). With the update, the usual bug fixes are included, but there are some pretty new ones too. Let the pictures do the talking here!

As you can see, a slew of new features have been added. One of the best changes was one everyone was asking for since the update to v4.0. Swipe gestures were finally re-added to the app. We asked, and they listened!


So, what are you still doing here? Go update your Twitter! Stay tuned to The iOS Jedi Blog for more tips and tricks! Hit us up in the comments or find us on IRC at #iOSJedi-Freenode.

Tweetline: Integrates Twitter Into Siri

This post of mine has been long overdue because I could not really make a video to the tweak as one of the aspects in the tweak was crashing but now thanks to the dev(@rud0lf77) that has been fixed and now I can review it for you!

Tweetline is an awesome tweak or perhaps I should say an awesome AssistantExtensions plugin.
When the tweak was originally released it wasn’t up-to the mark but now it has started gaining momentum and will slowly completely integrate Twitter into Siri.

The tweak allows you to set the tweet count you want to see from 1 right up-to 50! Which is quite useful if you follow too many people, the tweak also lets you view your Twitter mentions by asking Siri.

The developer is constantly working on new things for the plugin as of now in the next update he has already integrated:
  • A new Twitter background
  • Changing the text color
  • Applying Custom Backgrounds
  • Also he is trying to get the profile pictures in place for this update but he says the chances are slim so he might bring this in some future update
As by now you might have noticed this is an awesome tweak for something that is completely FREE!
I will be adding a video review to this tweak after I get the preview of the tweak in my hands! So hang on for it!
But as of now I personally recommend you to get this if you are a Siri and Twitter user.
What do you think about Tweetline?
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